Keep going

12 Jan

So in personal news…found out today that I’m gonna be an Uncle!!!! I know my mom wants grand kids.

In terms of development. Today I realized I could do a lot more than I thought I could. I really want things to work but sometimes I look into the future a little too often. I keep thinking of new features but haven’t even implemented the basic ones.

Today, I also confirmed a developer. I need to send him an NDA to protect my ass. Although it would be stupid for anybody to try and take my idea at this point.

I really think everything is four to workout but I need to work on my iteration skills. To often do I not feel like the day was an accomplishment. I feel like tomorrow needs to just be a do day. No thinking just do. Although I’m having a problem with devise, I should be competing what I started. And should soon be learning JavaScript.

It’s so interesting what can come of things when you fully think then through and actually gauge what is actually required to make a venture successful. I’m going to build a successful business. I promise you that. But I must continue to be brave. Wake up fearless and use the time I have to focus all my energy to getting to funding level. And actually launching.

I’m excited that I know I can do it. Now it just needs to be done. Ready, set, go.


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