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Keep going

12 Jan

So in personal news…found out today that I’m gonna be an Uncle!!!! I know my mom wants grand kids.

In terms of development. Today I realized I could do a lot more than I thought I could. I really want things to work but sometimes I look into the future a little too often. I keep thinking of new features but haven’t even implemented the basic ones.

Today, I also confirmed a developer. I need to send him an NDA to protect my ass. Although it would be stupid for anybody to try and take my idea at this point.

I really think everything is four to workout but I need to work on my iteration skills. To often do I not feel like the day was an accomplishment. I feel like tomorrow needs to just be a do day. No thinking just do. Although I’m having a problem with devise, I should be competing what I started. And should soon be learning JavaScript.

It’s so interesting what can come of things when you fully think then through and actually gauge what is actually required to make a venture successful. I’m going to build a successful business. I promise you that. But I must continue to be brave. Wake up fearless and use the time I have to focus all my energy to getting to funding level. And actually launching.

I’m excited that I know I can do it. Now it just needs to be done. Ready, set, go.


2nd Day..Trying to Gain Momentum

12 Jan

So today was interesting. I actually felt like I’ve learned something these past 4 months. It’s crazy what perseverance does to a person. And I still believe Will is the most powerful force in the universe. Give to us by the divine out there.

This morning..
I woke up
Took a shower
Headed to the School of B
Read some detail on Active Record
Watched a screencast @ about core Ruby classes.
Made it through 3 levels of RFZ2(hell yes)
Then I did some iterations. Some basic stuff but definitely stuff that needed to be done.

Then towards the end…
I tried to start localhost 3000 and… FAIL

So tomorrow. I’m going to paste some code on here! This blog is going to be fun. And I’m trying to even more on point than the day before.


Its a little af…

9 Jan

Its a little after Midnight. I embark on this written journey as a Ruby on Rails developer and entrepreneur. MusicMind

I swear to be a person of change. 

I swear to build an exceptional company.

I swear to never forget where I’ve come from.

I swear to share my knowledge.

I swear to be mighty but have a mind like water.


Hello world!

9 Jan

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